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ringu_stillness's Journal

A Ringu/The Ring Icontest
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x ringu_stillness is an icontest community much like movie_stillness and icons100
x It's a weekly challenge with themes based on words, images, or characters
x It's fun, easy, and anyone can participate!

x All icons must be using images from Ringu, Ringu 2, Rasen, Ringu 0, The Ring, or The Ring 2. Images from the graphic novels are accepted.
x Do not use cosplay or home-made images
x Do not post your icons anywhere else until the winner of the challenge has been announced!
x Icons must be fresh and new for the challenge.
x Icons must be 100x100 and unanimated, hence 'stillness'
x Icons should be posted in thr following format:


x bloodnblack~ Founder/Moderator/Bannermaker
x Currently we need some bannermakers, up to it, contact bloodnblack

x Challenge One: Sadako and Innocent::Winners
x Challenge Two: Virus and Lyrics::Winners
x Challenge Three: Textless and Good or Bad::In Progress

x Sunday - New challenge announced
x Tuesday - Mid-week reminder
x Friday - Last entries accepted 12:00 PM EST
x Friday - Community voting begins
x Saturday - Voting ends 11:59 PM EST
x Sunday - Winners announced

x Art be Meimu in "The Ring 0" manga
x Layout by bloodnblack
x Will work in Firefox
x Will not work with Sponsored+ accounts or if Navigation Strip is turned on
x HTML code from imafall3nstar

Have fun!