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Week two

Alright everyone! Our first contest is here to commence :3!

Theme One: Virus

Open to interpretation.


Theme Two: Lyrics
Every time i call you on the phone
I listen to it ring but no one's home
I can't explain the energy that
You give me when i'm left here alone

And every time i pass you on the street
You won't even turn and look at me
I never would of thought that things could
Go this far but please believe me

I'll pick you up, won't let you fall
I'll build your trust and it won't hurt at all,
Your only drug will let you down,
I'm through now, so take me and blow me away

When i feel numb i'll let you know,
I won't become what i was before,
You cannot kill what's not your creation,
This is the Art of Breaking

I think i might just lose my mind
If i have to watch this one more time
I can't explain how many times i've
Stayed for you when you were on my mind

No one ever said that it was easy
So come out of the cold and stop your bleeding
I never would of thought that things could
Go this far, but please believe me

Are you gonna run away, and leave me here alone?
Are you gonna run away, and leave me here?

Must use at least TWO words readable to the eye.

x Icons must be fresh and new for the challenge.
x Icons must be 100x100 and unanimated
x You may use one or both of the themes
x You may submit a maximum or three icons
x Reply to this post with you icons (comments screened)
x Do not post your icons anywhere else until the winner of the challenge has been announced!
x Icons should be posted in the following format:

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